Competitive pricing for secure commercial
      storage in San Antonio and Texa s

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Commercial Storage Specialists (CSS) provides you with competitive
pricing and turnkey service for all of your secure storage and logistical
needs in San Antonio, San Marcos, Austin, Dallas and Houston.
We store everything from a complete baseball field to San Antonio
River barges to fine art to corporate file boxes. We will pick up,
clean, organize and inventory your items, then place them in the
            climate-controlled or non-climate controlled space. Pallet storage, dedicated warehouse
             storage and individual units, climate and non-climate are available. Once your items are in our commercial
             storage space, you manage your inventory through our  easy-to-use, password-controlled online system.
             And when you have more to store, simply let us know and one of our trucks will be on its way.

Take advantage of our local or third-party logistics (3PL) team for your business

You can leave the planning and scheduling to us when you store your items with CSS. Our drivers will pick up your items and deliver them safely to our secure storage facility. When you are ready to retrieve your items from CSS, just let us know and we will deliver them to you. No matter the size or shape of the objects, we will figure out a way to transport them. We can also work with third party carriers.

Secure Storage | Business Storage | third-party logistics | Commercial Storage Specialists | Texas

Secure document storage frees up your office space

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Reclaim space in your office when you store your paper documents in one of our climate-controlled facilities. Save on costs, too, because CSS only charges you for the space you use. Our real-time inventory allows us to offer you 100% cost efficiency. When you have us pull assets from inventory for delivery, your storage expenses are reduced to reflect the removal of those assets. In other words, you pay only for the space you are using—real-time.